Child/Youth Suicide Prevention Resources from the National Suicide Prevention Directory. Broad list of youth suicide prevention links.

Child/Youth Suicide Prevention Resources

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE/1-800-784-2433
(Sponsored by the National Hope Line Network and
the Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center, Los Angeles CA)

Many years ago, I asked God, "Why are queer kids born to intolerant families?" Softly, simply, He answered, "To increase their capacity to love." ~ To increase the queer child's capacity to love beyond the fear of rejection and pain and to increase their families' (and communities') capacity to love beyond the fear of damnation and shame. ~ Love. And if you are unable to love, be willing to love; Divine Love will take care of the rest and enable you to be as Love too.

Rev. Michaele de Cygne
Founder, National Suicide Prevention Directory
(Ephesians 5:2. Galatians 5:14)

" gets better..."
A Message to Queer Youth from Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns

Queer kids, the Councilman is right. Had the founder of the NSPD been successful in her suicide attempts as a child and teen, this resource would not be before you now. The primary motivation behind the creation of the National Suicide Prevention Directory was the prevention of such among LGBT/GLBT children, teens and youth. It does and it WILL get better; for you and, as a result (case in point), for countless others!!

The Trustees



Child/Youth Suicide Prevention Resources

General Suicide Prevention Links

American Association of Suicidology
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
SPAN - Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network

Support for Survivors of Suicide

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Directory of Support Groups

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    The National Suicide Prevention Directory is presented by The MÈRE Project Charitable Trust  in furtherance of its activities relative to the prevention of youth suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and youth in the United States of America. It is The MÈRE Project's hope that this directory will directly assist in the resolution of this very serious national health crisis. Please contact us at the e-mail address below with all suicide prevention organizations in your local area which are not listed herein; particularly those which serve to prevent the suicide of this nation's youth.

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